Sheela Prakash

Born in Karwar, raised and married into a defence family, Sheela Prakash spent her life in small cantonments and exploring large cities all around India. She did her school in Srinagar and Calcutta before joining St Mary’s School, Pune as a boarding student.

A mother and grandmother, storytelling is her forte. Her flair for writing and creative flow, expressed through numerous poems and gripping stories, capture the true essence and excitement of her unique experiences.

Her maiden venture into writing was for the divisional magazine, Tuskar, where she was involved in raising funding, writing and editing four editions. Ever since then she has nurtured her dream to publish her own book.

The defence lifestyle first as a daughter and later as a wife of an army officer threw her into a vortex of situations that enriched her imagination. Retiring into a more peaceful phase of life, she has been able to fulfill her long-held dream of publishing her first novel.

She spends the majority of the time with her daughter or son in Singapore or Thailand, capturing her unique multicultural experience through her writings.