Know Your Authors

M Mansi Thimaiah

She is a 10 th Grade ICSE student with inclination to veracious reading despite her hectic academic pursuits. It is the love for books since toddler days and her skilful debating at various podia that has helped her stumbled upon her penchant for writing by experimenting the words “ Epiphany Of My Ponderings “is her […]

Gora Sarkar

The author is an ex NDA infantry officer who has served in most parts of India and in Sri Lanka. His interests include reading, writing, music, tennis and football. He teaches English and French at the advanced levels. His favourite English team since childhood is Manchester United. He is fond of rock and pop groups […]

Col Anand

He is an ex NDA, second generation Artillery Officer has had an illustrious career in the Indian Army having served for more than 25 years as part of active soldering.Besides being a Defence Veteran, he is also a Legal Consultant, Psychologist, Motivational speaker and a Singer. His academic qualifications include Bachelor’s degree from JNU, MSc […]

Ayush Razdan Singh

She is a Kashmiri Pandit by birth, married into a Rajput family belonging to Jammu.  She  is  an  Endodontist  (root canal  specialist)  by  profession,  working  as  a  professor  in  a  Dental College, in India, where she is Head of Department.  Ayush had a penchant  for writing right since childhood and was a member  of  the  […]

COL Mahip Singh Chadha

Colonel Mahip Chadha is a retired army officer residing in New Delhi, India. A graduate of the Indian Military Academy, Chadha served in the Indian Army for nearly 34 years. During this time, he served in the Third Gorkha Rifles—his inspiration for the novel. Colonel Chadha is the author of Grit, Guts and Gallantry-which motivates […]

Anjali Patwardhan

After completing my graduation, I worked for a few years in the tourism industry. Post marriage, was a kindergarten teacher. I published my first collection of poems Unfrozen Wings in 2019. I tap my creativity, taking inspiration from slight wonders of nature and people around me, and consider it my forte. Before the year ends, […]

Neha Tyagi

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Col Mann is a paratrooper, (last jump at 70 years of age) and has served in the Indian Army for 23 years. A decorated soldier who commanded his regiment in the insurgency ridden Kashmir valley in the early nineties. Subsequently he successfully ran a hospitality business in UK for 21 years. Currently semi-retired, he resides […]

Ashok Chibber

An alumnus of the esteemed National Defence Academy (NDA), Air Commodore Ashok Chhibbar joined the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot in 1969. He has been a Qualified Flying Instructor, commanded two front line fighter bases and served as the Deputy Commandant of the Air Force Academy in Hyderabad, amongst many other field and [...]

Arun Hariharan

Arun Hariharan a.k.a Harry,  is an Indian Army veteran. His over two-decade military career saw him foot slog in leech infested tropical jungles of India’s beautiful North-East, bash dunes in the scorching deserts of Rajasthan, spot Red Pandas in the Himalayas and travel the world seeking adventure. An avid biker, compulsive traveller, photographer and history [...]

Sheela Prakash

Born in Karwar, raised and married into a defence family, Sheela Prakash spent her life in small cantonments and exploring large cities all around India. She did her school in Srinagar and Calcutta before joining St Mary’s School, Pune as a boarding student. A mother and grandmother, storytelling is her forte. Her flair for writing […]

Apurva Tandon

True to his life Mantra of You Only Live Once, Apurva Tandon, lives each day to the fullest and describes his present days as his second life! In an earlier life in uniform; he served the nation for 24 years in the Indian Army before taking voluntary retirement in the summer of 2012 to explore […]

AIr Marshal AV Vaidya PVSM ,VM